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Monday, August 9, 2010

Hell of a waste

There’s a man leaning against the concrete
Sitting with a cup and a sign for help
No shower, shave, clean clothes, or meal
For days on end. One of countless.
A couple of women walk by
One very pregnant. Concrete faces.
A preacher asks me if I know Christ.
“Yeah, but others need him more.”
“YOU KNOW him?!”
“Yeah, move on to the next.”

The preacher leans down and prays with the beggar
“Oh Jesus this oh Jesus that…”
Isn’t he supposed to be Jesus?

Teenage boys walk past and taunt the preacher
And homeless guy. Others walk past
Pretending not too see or hear.

The punishing sun beats down
Upon all the passers by.
There are young couples trying to impress each other,
By saying the right things
There are old couples passing by,
Trying to reconnect by saying the right things
There are children passing by
Trying to have the right experiences
There are loners passing by
Trying to seem connected
There are beggars sitting around
Trying to seem worthy

I count what money I have
To buy a sandwhich and a drink
And marvel at the lies that walk and sit
If not for the sunshine and fresh air,
It’s a hell of a waste