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Saturday, February 27, 2010


I saw a woman Thursday
Who saw through me
Her eyes bright and new
Innocence wanting to be lost

Her build was slight
body so very young
Yet so very ready
So delicious, so right

I saw it in her eyes
Wanting, learning, expanding
Yearning to learn life
Wanting the older, confident man

I shied away, painfully
Half my age, guilt blocking all
I’m just not enough of an asshole
Another guy will have a hell of a lay

Why does my cock have to be attached to my brain?


I imagine being someone else
Bigger with more muscles
Stronger jaw and reduced intelligence
Better with the ladies

I imagine young women
wanting me, little effort on my part
their hot bodies craving what I have
eagerly going home with me

I imagine giving them the fuck of a lifetime
My ten inches having maximum impact
The sights and sounds of more than satisfaction
Orgasms that make them lose consciousness

I imagine having a different one each night
That each would somehow leave after the deeds are done
After they got what they wanted
Leaving a trail of magnificent experiences

What I imagine is understandable
Encouraged by society
How men get their worth,
Being chosen by women

I had lived that life, somewhat
And I wonder
What if I have found someone
Who’s just too good to move on from?

Was I to keep going?
Yes! Most vicarious men would say
As they trod home to their hells
I’ll stay where I am

As usual, good advice from Buk

Friday, February 12, 2010

sadistic time

How is it that time seems to accelerate
when reading one’s favorite literature,
drinking a bottle of good wine,
writing your favorite works,
or having great sex
But halt when stuck in traffic,
are in the hospital for any reason,
at your companies meeting
or after being caught farting?

Monday, February 8, 2010


low illumination and light fog
comfort the eye

rhythmic motion
cradled by timeless jazz

embrace so needed
bitter because it is so sweet

seem like apparitions
exist only in each others’ arms

locked in the trance of a moment
sealed in memory

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

thin line

He looked down the whole time
first at the ashtray outside the bar
gathering butts, even those with just one drag left

When offered a cigarette
he looked at it only
too embarrassed
to meet the eyes of the offerer

Humiliated with the offer of a five dollar bill
yet with no one around
and the encouragement of
“I’ve been there”
he looked up and smiled
with a face of hope
even with his shopping cart
home in the distance

what a thin line it really is


The words melded together
Linear blobs on a computer screen
Meaningless, formless, worthless
Six and a half hours of work
Climbed to the saturation point
When it all sucks terribly
Good thing it wasn’t paper
It’d be crumpled into balls
Scattered on the floor
Maybe it’ll look better in a couple days
But tonight it turned into an enemy

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


smells of wine and smoke hang heavy
lifeless clothes on the floor
curves under the blanket
rising and falling
erotic rythem
cooling bodies
chill of aftermath
following the right explosions