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Saturday, February 27, 2010


I imagine being someone else
Bigger with more muscles
Stronger jaw and reduced intelligence
Better with the ladies

I imagine young women
wanting me, little effort on my part
their hot bodies craving what I have
eagerly going home with me

I imagine giving them the fuck of a lifetime
My ten inches having maximum impact
The sights and sounds of more than satisfaction
Orgasms that make them lose consciousness

I imagine having a different one each night
That each would somehow leave after the deeds are done
After they got what they wanted
Leaving a trail of magnificent experiences

What I imagine is understandable
Encouraged by society
How men get their worth,
Being chosen by women

I had lived that life, somewhat
And I wonder
What if I have found someone
Who’s just too good to move on from?

Was I to keep going?
Yes! Most vicarious men would say
As they trod home to their hells
I’ll stay where I am

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