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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

low enough

You turn on the tv to provide a distraction
from your worries.
There is no need to further obsess
over the mounting unpayable bills
when you have no money

Or stress over the waste
of having paid tens of thousands for a degree,
just as an economic depression hit.

You need a break from
the wasting away of your being
or the rotting away
of a body so worn from struggle.

The movie on tv is about affluent tv producers
Bringing in more money
than three fourths of the country

They flaunt their attractive bodies under
tight fitting, overpriced clothes
and sip expensive drinks
at expensive clubs
with other affluent, attractive people.

They wine and cry
about not being about to find the perfect mate
So they climb in and out of beds
with really attractive, affluent people
with similar whines.

All this does is remind you how low you are.
Turn the tv off, grab the wine, and chug.
Enough wine will make sleep easier.
Going to be a long day tomorrow.

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