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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


“Do you want me to take my robe too?
It’s the most intimate thing I have here.”

“No. you don’t have to take anything.
Just thought you wanted to.”

Her backpack was full.
The tears in her eyes were more full.

A long embrace in the same messy kitchen
as when we met the first time.

She stood sighing, sad, driving forward
Or backward. Away one way or another.

She didn’t look back or forward
just didn’t want to be where she was

Kisses, gentle and other
passions and caresses

Last touches of a love
building for some time

Eruption as tears escape the hot eyes
and burning emotions

tears making a run for it
falling to the floor and sizzling

Lying side by side, intense crying
holding, comforting, reassuring, ending

Wine no longer flows.
Laughter a distant memory.

Silence smashed by sobs
sense of rot strenches the air

Wide eyed and broken
weathered face sees through darkness.

with glazed over eyes
been here, done that

Another chapter winding down
reluctant yawns, hating the coldness

Within a day the bed will be cold
even the shadows will forget the moves of love

Life swallowing silence will take over
memories fade to dismissal

Lifeless rooms, cold bed
numb mind, drunken body

Remembering what may not have been
what shouldn’t have began or ended

Return to normal half life
only sound of fans as company

All good things must come to an end.

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