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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The tide is marvelous when it rolls in
The water is just over one’s foot and calm
With waves that caress the beach
Like gentle foreplay

In the distance appears incoming waves
White water catches the eye first
and the galloping gangs of tide quickly close in
while the water levels rise

soon the waves pick up speed
growing sounds of water crashing
determined white water pummels
relentless, intense, unstoppable

just a short while ago
water was just to your ankles
now it’s nearly to your waist and climbing
as you back toward shore

the sea isn’t satisfied and sends more
push you back toward shore
as wave after wave hits you
and tries to take you

as intense as it is, you know the tide will disappear
and you’ll look for it to come back again
you’ll long for it’s intensity, it’s action
it’s sounds, even it’s pummeling

you’ll miss the high tide like a good woman’s love.

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