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Saturday, March 19, 2011


the isles are tough to navigate
for a lone person at night
as they’re clogged with families
loud children who rarely get out
exhausted men trying
to seem fine with it all
walking beside their unhappy women
who struggle to find
a mere once of happiness
as they pile their carts high
with cheap food and few goodies

you pass by knowing to not be annoyed
but to be thankful you’re not them
other things flood your mind anyway
you chose your items quickly
and make way to checkout
where lines are long
some push their way ahead
of those nice enough to allow
the louder and more aggressive
steal their way and impose themselves
makes them feel bigger I guess

a little girl behind you in line
picks up the divider you set
and swings it around
then smacks your eggs
her mother yacks on the cell
while piling food high on the conveyer
the checkout woman glares
someone steals your empty cart
while you pay your bill
theirs was too full

$50, half wine, gone
4 bags, including the eggs
Your head aches but
You remember you’re not them
The cashier takes a few moments away
to grab you a cart
while you bagged
such a person is rare indeed
and makes the night a bit better

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