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Friday, January 29, 2010

drink a cheer for Howard Zinn

it never happened
not in this country

Hoards in the street
Malnourished bodies ached
For more punishment
anything for substistence

no other course
pushed to the verge of death
hungry children, desperate parents
dead and dying loners

police bullets sprayed the crowd of men
silent cries of wives broke through to nowhere
but the “bastard commies” pushed on
nowhere else to go

it never happened
not in this country

so many were in the same struggle
yet knew not to stand
labled as communist, accused of many evils
don’t want to be one of them

the shame
being unable to succeed
or eat or live
kept so many down

it never happened
not in this country

almost all but memory and story
have been erased
lest people remember
who not to trust

remember; it never happened
not here at least.

Until it happens again

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