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Friday, January 29, 2010

no such thing

He gets home from night shift just in time
For the swift embrace of his hurried wife
A semi sweet kiss is what they can afford
Breakfast and bill paying, a quiet moment
Before the kids wake up
She’ll toil the day away
Before coming home to take over
For his three hour sleep
Only a couple more decades to go
Building a life without opportunities

A man lies in the door way
The only dry spot that can be found
Blankets and cardboard don’t do well in the rain
He smokes the cigarettes he found scattered
Stomach in knots, recalling what once was
A respectable life of just another guy
Everything went wrong and was lost
A roll of the dice, chance can be such a bitch
Anything at all would go a long way
But what’s the use? It’ll be lost again

The empty envelopes sitting on the table
Did a lot of damage
A young man stands in disbelief.
Holding an acceptance letter in one hand
Financial aid letter in the other
There will be no college
Sentenced to four decades of hard labor
And poverty. Dreams died in a moment
A waste of human capital.

The show will start at ten tonight
She’ll so enjoy this evening!
He made all the reservations;
The hottest new restaurant,
The finest wine, the perfect atmosphere
He’ll wear an expensive suit, pick her up in his newest Mercedes
she’ll love his place, the breathtaking view
unbelievable furnishings
yet another conquest
he gets the best his father’s money can buy

there is no such thing as deserve

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