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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The right friends to have
err.. I mean connections

The right car to drive
designed for millions like you

The right neighborhood in which to reside
safe, secure, and away from people

The right balance
of compassion and ruthlessness

The right things to say
to the right people

The right amount to invest and save
for retirement that may not happen

The right employer
to sell your labor cheap

The right girlfriend or boyfriend
that will be proper

The right relationship
it’s all spelled out

The right amount to drink
just enough to be wild

The right years of abandon
to leave a broad smile in memory

The right religious service to attend
to fit in

The right tone of voice
that shows where you rank

The right looks and clothes
that convey normalcy or rebellion

The right information to digest
to think like all the others

The right books to read
to be exposed to what you are supposed to

The right experiences to convey
that fit your role so well

The right emotions to share
like everyone else

The right thoughts to have
let others know they’re not crazy

The right interests to pursue
to build commonality

The right events to attend
see your connections
err.. I mean friends

These are musts
to convey that you fully embrace

All the normal things in life
like death

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