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Friday, March 5, 2010

same day

Brightness can be seen through the blinds
A beautiful day lies in wait

Hot coffee chases the hangover
That the mumbling echos

The young and beautiful play in the sun
Without a care in the world

A hot shower and five minutes
Full thermos and off to work

Boats are on the water
People crowd the beaches

Another day of stress
And low wages

A beautiful purple sunset
Marks the end of child’s play

Deadlines, deadbeats, unpayable bills
Cigarette smoke and grumbles

Couples walk hand and hand
Beautiful evening of love

Another day of getting nowhere
Worsening gloom of tomorrow

Moonlight lights the way
Laughter fills restaurants and bars

Cheap box wine fills the glass
The one pleasure left

Children and the beautiful have restful slumber
Eager for a new day of sun and fun

Laying there tossing and turning
Not wanting a new day of nothing

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