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Monday, March 8, 2010

so little

The aftermath usually comes later
when I am too drowsy to know better
She left early tonight, unfulfilled
A last dance was had though;
jazz moved us
even as neither felt well
Making the most

Nonetheless, she left early
too much to do, she said
Leaving me with nothing to do
no one to hold
Empty, dead, messy apartment
combined with insomnia
The vacation of her presence over too early

I lose myself in wine and writing
of time long ago
cut into short chopped sentences
few words that say so much
Pouring myself on the screen
honest with faults countless
My next project takes form

The wine comes too slow to dull
aches of absence of the missed
while a creative mind maps ways
to cut what I know now
into short concise sentences
that say so much
and patch so little

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